30 minute sessions tailored to YOU!



Delivered via Skype, Facetime or phone.

30 minutes of personalised support from Gillian Fortune to help you deal with the challenges you're facing. 

Until the end of 2020, we're offering this service for only £30 per 30 minute session.

If you're interested, contact Gillian via our Facebook page or email gillian@feelgoodcic.com

Whilst the tips, techniques and guidance we give online can support anyone, we know that some people prefer something that focuses on their own individual challenges.

Our 30 minute support sessions are for people who need some support to deal with something specific and want some guidance that is tailored to their own situation or needs. 

Your 30-minute support session can be about anything you want or need - it's about you, after all. Your session will be personalised and focused on getting the best outcome for you. Gillian will offer you some simple, effective techniques that you can use at home and that have immediate benefits.

If you'd prefer, your session can also involve your partner or children. 

Although the session may be about anything you want support with, here are a some ideas of common issues that Gillian has supported people to deal with:

  • How to handle worries and anxiety

  • How to stop overthinking

  • Dealing with annoying people

  • Dealing with bullies and people who make you feel small

  • How to feel more in control

  • How to relax (when you think you can’t!)

  • How to cope in a difficult moment

  • How to feel more confident

  • How to sleep better

  • How to feel energised and motivated

  • How to handle fatigue

  • How to help your children to relax and sleep better

  • Learn practical mindfulness

  • How to control anger

  • Stop stressing the small stuff

  • Stop stressing the big stuff!

  • How to make others think you are feeling confident!

  • How to feel good

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Until the end of 2020,

a 30 minute

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If you'd like to book a support session with Gillian, please get in touch using the form below.

You can also contact Gillian via messenger on Feel Good CIC's Facebook page or by email at gillian@feelgoodcic.com

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