Stress Express for Busy People


Supporting you to effectively tackle what


hacks you off and holds you back!


And some people and situations are a pain in the butt!

They annoy you, hack you off, or get under your skin!

And then you overthink it all!

And then it’s in your head going round and round on a loop that gets you absolutely bloody nowhere.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if it takes over your head and holds you back or causes you to be less than your best, then it’s time for some ‘No-nonsense Stress-Busting’.


 It's not always about 'being stressed'. Sometimes it's about not being hacked off!

As a busy person you don’t want any faffing about!

 ‘No-nonsense Stress-Busting’ is fast, effective and it works –  it feels like we just described a nifty toilet cleaner there!

Whether it’s: home-life; work; a manager; a staff member; a colleague; an Ex; an In-law; an outlaw; overwork; overwhelm; emotional exhaustion; sheer bloody frustration; kids; partner; divorce; can’t sleep; can’t relax; can’t focus; can’t kill anyone!!

You want actions to take not things to have to think about! 


'No-nonsense Stress-Busting' is the answer!

Introducing our Sixty-Minute

Stress Express Online Series

Sixty-minute 'stand-alone' training sessions online that help you to take action to effectively tackle the stresses and challenges of life, work and difficult people.

So, without having to kill anyone, if you would like to:

• Reduce stress, overwhelm and overthinking
• Improve sleep, focus and wellbeing
• Build resilience, confidence and effectiveness

Then these are just the 'No-nonsense Stress-Busters' you need!


Our 60-minute online sessions give you straightforward, practical and effective techniques delivered with a good dollop of humour without introductions, ice breakers or group work -

Just stuff that works!

The Stress Express Series

Each Stress Express session covers different topics and they are all really helpful - really!

You will be given great techniques that you can use straight away that have immediate benefits.

We include simple and interesting science so you will know how and why each technique works.

You will also be able to share the techniques with your family (kids love them)

The upshot of every session is that you will leave feeling that you have the tools and techniques to feel more in control of the people and situations that hack you off and hold you back!

And you will have had some fun and feel utterly flipping brilliant!

Stress Express series to be released shortly
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