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YOU are a very busy person...

...some people and situations are a pain in the bum, aren't they?

....they annoy you, hack you off, or get under your skin

....then you overthink it all

And hey presto, it’s in your head going round and round on a loop that gets you absolutely bloody nowhere.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if it takes over your head and holds you back or causes you to be less than your best, then it’s time for some ‘No-nonsense Stress-Busting’.


It's not always about 'being stressed'. Sometimes it's about not being hacked off!

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Stress Express is delivered by
Gillian Fortune
The 'No-nonsense Stress-Buster'

Gillian Fortune has become a Go-To expert in helping people to tackle stress.

With years of experience as a specialist trainer in stress management, resilience-building and emotional wellbeing, she designed Stress Express for three reasons:

  • Because practical action is the way to tackle stress

  • You don't want to have to 'think' when stressed

  • You want to feel in control, in that moment of stress


                     Stress Express delivers that!

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As a busy person you don’t want any faffing about!

 ‘No-nonsense Stress-Busting’ is fast, effective and it works

(it feels like we just described a nifty toilet cleaner there!)

Whether it’s....

home-life; work; a manager; a staff member; a colleague; an ex; an in-law; an outlaw; overwork; overwhelm; emotional exhaustion; sheer bloody frustration; kids; partner; divorce; can’t sleep; can’t relax; can’t focus; can’t kill anyone!! want actions to take not things to have to think about! 

'No-nonsense Stress-Busting' is the answer!

A Personalised and Confidential video support programme 

To help you to tackle the stresses and challenges of life, work and difficult people.

As a busy person you don't have time to waste so this programme gives you straightforward, practical and proven-effective techniques so that you can take action in the moments you need to.

All techniques are easy to use with immediate benefits, flexible and transferable to a range of situations, backed up by research with clear guidance on what to do and how to do it. 

This is NOT coaching

This is NOT training


This is 'No-Nonsense stress-busting'

about the video programme

  • No set start date

  • This is not a 'course'

  • Unique content

  • Personalised and confidential

  • No group work

  • Watch videos at your convenience

  • Access to videos for 3 months

  • Programme package options


Each video is 30 minutes and provides

simple and interesting science behind how and why the specific technique works. 

The techniques are taught and shown with clarity and without waffle so that you can have the confidence to use them immediately.

One-to-One Zoom Support

Each zoom session is 45 minutes backed up with a personal action plan.

Personliased Support Videos

Five-minute video explaining the techniques for you to use in your specific situation.

video topics and packages 

Videos 1 - 5

1. Feel in control

2. Build confidence and resilience

3. Stop overthinking

4. Sleep better and relax quickly

5. Deal with difficult people

Videos 6 - 10

6. Tackle self-doubt

7. Say No! more & Yes! less

8. Save your emotional energy

9. Network with confidence

10. Speak more confidently to groups

Package A
(worth £315)

  • 5 x videos (1-5)

  • 1 x One-to-One Support Session

  • 1 x Personalised Support Video

Package B
£350 (worth £465)

  • 7 x videos (1-7)

  • 2 x One-to-One Support Sessions

  • 1 x Personalised Support Video

Package C
£450 (worth £790)

  • 10 x videos (1-10)

  • 2 x One-to-One Support Sessions

  • 4 x Email discussions

  • 4 x Personalised Support Videos