Masterclasses for Busy People


The new way to tackle stress 

Three words that you will hear a lot when we talk about Stress Express: straightforward; practical; effective.


We call it the no-nonsense approach to tackling stress because that is exactly what it is. We provide real solutions to real-life situations.


In each masterclass you get what you need – ways to tackle stress that are action-focused that can be used straight away with immediate benefits. 

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Why 'busy' people?

Because busy people don’t have time to faff about. They want efficient and they want effective. When it works for them, they want more.


We designed the Stress Express Masterclasses specifically for people who don’t have time to waste.


Stress Express gives people what they want, how they want it with brilliant results.

Why 'Express'?

With Stress Express Masterclasses there are:

  • No introductions

  • No ice-breakers

  • No time-wasting

What you get....​

  • Practical, solution focused actions

  • Can be used quickly with instant benefits

  • No fluff, no waffle, no faffing about!

What's in a Masterclass?

Our Masterclasses give you solution-focused techniques, the science behind why they work and then tell you EXACTLY how to use them.

We have developed a series of 4 Masterclasses focused on giving you what you need to tackle the causes of stress in your life. They are not workshops, discussion groups or sessions for sharing your shit!


You leave with actions to take and the confidence to take them and the desire to attend another Stress Express Masterclass.


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