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One-to-One Support Sessions for professional women

Delivered on Zoom

An hour of personalised support from Gillian Fortune to help you deal with the challenges you're facing. 
Backed up by a personalised action plan.

If you're interested, email Gillian:
Happy to have a quick chat to see if I can help.


The one-to-one sessions cover a lot of ground and provide practical techniques and strategies for dealing with a lot of the situations and people that cause you to feel stressed, anxious, worried or hacked off!

You will be given support to implement techniques and strategies to suit your own specific situations, circumstances and challenges.

If you have seen me deliver a session or any of my videos, then you know how enthusiastic I can be - I assure you that a
one-to-one session is very different. It is absolutely focused on you and helping you to get the best outcome for your situation.

You will never have to buy into a series of sessions and in all honesty, most clients just need one session - of course that
depends on what you want and need - all in confidence.

Everything is about putting you in control of you, reduce overthinking and get you to produce more feel good hormones than
stress ones!

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1 Hour Session


Direct support and personalised  action plan
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