Empowering and supporting Charities
and ‘Communities of Interest’

Who we support

We have a great deal of experience in providing training, workshops and support to a wide range of communities of interest bringing people together who have a shared set of circumstances. Examples include:

  • Parents of children with complex support needs

  • Parents of children with ASD and/or emotional support needs

  • Carers of adults and Carers of adults with Alzheimers

  • Peer Support volunteers

  • Adults with emotional support needs

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • People who feel socially isolated

  • Adults with low self-esteem

At present, we're offering Facebook Live streaming videos to groups and pre recorded support sessions. 

Gillian has a broad experience in the Voluntary Sector and provides keynote addresses for Charitable Organisations on the theme of wellbeing and building emotional resilience and can tailor a presentation to suit your organisation and the theme of your event. In the current climate, we're offering a remote, online presentation that can be live streamed or pre-recorded. 


Gillian will liaise with you to ensure that the impacts of the presentation match the purpose and outcomes that you set. Informative, engaging and humorous, all with the purpose of giving your people/audience something really great that they can really use.....really!



Keynote speaking

We are extremely grateful to those organisations that have provided us with grant funding to support hundreds of people who value the service they have received.

         Big Lottery Fund Awards For All Programme

         County Durham Community Foundation

         County Durham Community Chest Fund

         County Durham Health Improvement Fund

         Durham County Council

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