"The support I've had has changed
my life. I'm a happier person 

and a better
I feel like someone

my kids can look
up to now.

Thank you" 

"I thought I was just going on another work course... I ended up loving my job again. Those niggly little issues aren't even an issue any more. I look forward to getting to the office now"

Staff member - workplace wellbeing programme

"I was amazed by how quickly we started to see a difference in our beneficiaries. They started to feel more confident and feel better about themselves after the first session. The trainer (Gillian) is relaxed and fun but very professional too. The reports and the data they collect are fantastic and really help us to show how the course has made a big difference. They know their stuff and we'd happily invest in their support again"

Manager - charity

"Thanks to this, I've learned how to enjoy being a mother again"

Workshop attendee

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“This course has been an absolute life saver. I didn’t have much hope that it would have been any benefit to me but I was so wrong.  It has completely changed the way I feel and handle my day-to day life”

Service user - charity

“I feel a lot more confident in myself and more confident to make decisions. The techniques I’ve learned are helping me deal with everyday problems and ongoing issues. To be honest they aren't even problems any more. My life is much sunnier now and I'm so grateful”

Service user - support agency

“These wellbeing sessions have been so much fun! Most work courses are so dull but this is the opposite. I’ve learned loads and it’s all coming in handy at home as well as at work. I’ve started to get lots more enjoyment from work”

Staff member - workplace wellbeing programme

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Words people have used to describe our courses, workshops and events
Words people have used to describe our courses, workshops and events

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