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Gillian Fortune
Speaker and facilitator
Conferences, Events or Workplace Training

Engaging, empowering and informative presentations and event facilitation to support your event 
and delight your audience.

Our keynote speaker, Gillian Fortune, can provide you with an informative, engaging and humorous presentation with an emphasis on wellbeing and resilience-building.

Whatever your audience size or demographic, they will take away some simple, practical and effective techniques to deal with the stuff that life and work throws at them.


As an experienced speaker and former Regional President for the Professional Speaking Association, Gillian will liaise with you to ensure that the impacts of the presentation match the purpose and outcomes of your event.


Whatever your event, contact Gillian to assess how she can provide you with a great keynote presentation to meet your needs.

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Gillian Fortune
Professional Speaker

north east Regional president
professional speaking association

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