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Online Workshop

 No-nonsense Stress-Busting for the Workplace

Bespoke online or face-to-face training sessions.

You need to address wellbeing and you want emotionally resilient staff. Our stress-Express sessions and programmes give your people an effective stress-busting session that has real impact with immediate benefits.

Stress Express training sessions for groups or audiences - providing a self-help approach through delivery of straightforward, practical and effective techniques to tackle stress and the challenges of life, work and dealing with difficult people.

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The purpose of Stress Express

Sometimes people just need an action they can take – right now!’


Stress Express training gives people straightforward, practical and effective actions to take that have immediate benefits. It also provides people with self-help strategies so they can take some personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.


Stress Express techniques teach people to tackle stress. Not all stress that people feel at work is caused by work, we recognise that life issues can have a negative impact on work. Equally, not everyone can leave work at work and can often feel stressed about work in their home life.

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Stress Express is delivered by
Gillian Fortune
The 'No-nonsense Stress-Buster'

Gillian Fortune has become a Go-To expert in helping people to tackle stress.

With years of experience as a specialist trainer in stress management, resilience-building

and emotional wellbeing, she designed Stress Express for three reasons:

Because practical action is the way to tackle stress

You don't want to have to 'think' when stressed

You want to feel in control, in that moment of stress


Stress Express delivers that!

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Stress Express

For Your Workplace




for small groups or large audiences

Range of delivery options available

Bespoke Workplace Online Training

Costs start at £300

for up to 20 people

+ £15 per additional person

up to 50 people

Get in touch to discuss your workplace needs

Face-to-face delivery 


training from the stage for larger audiences

Costs vary depending on your requirements and group/audience size

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