No-nonsense Stress-Busting for the Workplace


Bespoke 60-minute online training sessions

Stress Express Masterclasses for the Workplace deliver straightforward, practical and effective techniques to tackle stress and the challenges of life and work.

  • Each Masterclass offers unique, action-focused techniques that can be used easily at work or home with immediate benefits

  • No fluff, no faff, no time-wasting – just bespoke masterclasses offering real solutions to real-life stress issues 

The purpose of Stress Express

Sometimes people just need an action they can take – right now!’


Stress Express training gives people straightforward, practical and effective actions to take that have immediate benefits.


Stress Express techniques teach people to tackle stress. Not all stress that people feel at work is caused by work, we recognise that life issues can have a negative impact on work. Equally, not everyone can leave work at work and can often feel stressed about work in their home life.

The Stress Express trainer

Gillian Fortune has become a Go-To expert in helping people to tackle stress.

With years of experience as a specialist trainer in stress management, resilience-building and emotional wellbeing, she designed Stress Express for three reasons:

  • Because practical action is the way to tackle stress

  • People don't want to have to 'think' when stressed

  • People want to feel in control, in that moment of stress


Stress Express delivers that!

Why Express?

Because a busy workplace wants its people to benefit from the relevant information, attain skills and feel sufficiently confident to take appropriate, solution-focused action in the most cost-effective and efficient ways.


Each technique can be used by anyone across a range of situations making them flexible and adaptable.

In a single session, attendees will leave with a range of practical 'Express' techniques they can use quickly and with immediate benefits.


Stress Express Webinars

For Your Workplace


Cost = £250

Up to 50 attendees

Additional attendees
to a max 100
= £10 pp

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